Carol Niffenegger

Carnegie Hall Studio in 2007
photo by Joseph Astor  

Art is a calling. Something within the artist needs to be expressed. The artist stands before a blank canvas, looking at a macrocosm of infinite possibilities. A window is waiting to open within the soul. Another facet of relationship between the individual and the universe is about to be revealed.

Once the first color is laid down, a dialogue opens between the maker and the work. The macrocosm slowly trickles down into the microcosm as the artist weaves intellect and deep feeling into and through the work.

While visiting a magical park in Rio in the late 1980s, I felt a strong spiritual connection to the universe as tall green plants protected me in a haven of light and wonder. That deep feeling was born into the painting on the home page, Tropical Cathedral. The experience opened a way to me to begin to understand how art can truly connect the human heart with the heart of the universe and its mysteries.

I turned to abstraction because it offered a means to find the expressive ground of my evolving quest. How does the universe of Energy, or Spirit, move itself, as Source of all being, into the physical and metaphysical worlds of our known existence? The works included in this site highlight twenty years of asking that question.